Why Long-Term Care?

Determining if long-term care is the next step for you or your loved one is a big decision that requires important research and consideration. Focusing on the care needs of the individual considering long-term care is the first area to explore. Long-term care caters to a demographic of people who can no longer live on their own, but need not stay in a hospital. The Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is a great resource to help shed some light on the suitability of long-term care.
If you require assistance determining if long-term care is the right next step, or if you want more general information on the admissions process, the regional CCAC will connect you with a Placement Coordinator to help assist.
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Visit Us

After you have decided that you or your loved one are interested in Rose of Sharon Korean Long Term Care (R.O.S), contact us to book a tour of our Home. During the tour, you will be shown around the premises and will leave with a good understanding of what life at Rose of Sharon could be like.


Once you provide your top choices of long-term care homes to the CCAC, you will be contacted to discuss the most appropriate placement options. As soon as appropriate accommodations become available, you will need to accept the accommodation offer before the details of admissions will be shared. From there, R.O.S coordinates the admission details with the CCAC.

Placement & Fairness

It is important to know that while we value individual choices and thank you for your interest, placement for anyone considering long-term care is a fair process. R.O.S and the CCAC work tirelessly to ensure that individuals’ needs are met in the best and most timely way possible. It is very often the case, however, that placements for our private rooms occur much faster than placement for our basic accommodations. R.O.S has 36 Private rooms, and 24 Basic Rooms.